Making Your Mark.

Since 1949

Welcome to B&H Engraving.

Because Impressions Count.

Our craftsmen specialize in fine details and unique custom engraved products.  We are not an ordinary engraving shop.   We use a variety of methods to sculpt the highest quality products. 

We can make your mark on almost anything! 

Laser engraving, rotary engraving, acid etching, UV printing, full color custom decal printing, and more. 

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Whether recognizing an individual, a corporation, or a specific achievement, we offer a wide variety of custom or stock plaques, glass awards, and acrylic awards.

Specialty Items

Let us help create the perfect custom gift using your unique photo, company logo, or message.  We can make your mark on nearly any item you bring in.

Industrial Markings

Marking for Control Panels, Data Plates, Lock-out Tags, ASME & API Nameplates, and much more. Nameplates made from Plastic, Brass, Copper, Aluminum, Metal Photo or Stainless Steel. Magnesium or Copper Letterpress, Foil & Embossing Dies.

Nameplates and Badges

Let us make a name for you - in a badge or a plate! We offer the highest quality materials and engraving for the best nameplates and badges in any shape, style, or color you can imagine!


Locally Owned & Operated since 1949