Indoor Plaques

UV Printed, Laser Etched & Chemically Etched

We offer a variety of custom and stock plaques to fit any occasion and budget. Choose from full color UV-LED, Laser etched, and custom chemically etched plaques, bronze castings, photos and logos on plastic, brass, copper, stainless steel, magnesium, zinc, bronze and aluminum. We would love to help make your mark!

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**Any custom images or logos need to be submitted in vector format via email. Please include name and summary of request.

UV-LED Printed Plaques & More

UV Full Color Plaques

Please select the size of plaque you wish to customize.
Please choose the available base material you would like to have customized.
Please choose the available material you would like mounted to your base.


Laser Etched Plaques

Please choose the size you would like.
Please choose the material for your plaque base.
Please choose your plate material. Choose "None" to have etching directly into the base material.
Available upon request. This option is only available with no plate - laser etched and color filled wood.
Choose only if engraved plastic plate material has been selected.

Etched Magnesium plaque in Silver & Bronze Finish.jpg

Chemically Etched Plaques

Included with your order:

Custom Size,Shape & Design

Single-Color Fill

Choice of Standard Finish Options

Specialty Features:

Multi-Color Paint Fill

Custom Color Match

Custom Finish Options

Please choose plaque size.
Please choose a mounting option. If choosing a wood mounted plaque, please choose the material for base of plaque. .063" and .125" plates must be mounted to wood base.
Please choose material for the plaque plate.
Please choose the thickness for the plate. .063" and .125" plates must be mounted to wood base. .153" and .25" is thick enough to stand out on the wall without needing a base.
Please choose the fill color for your plaque.
Please choose the color option for the raised area of your plaque.
Please choose the recessed texture for your plaque.